What it takes to organize a unique wedding

When you start planning your wedding, the only goal you have in mind is to make your guests feel amazing during the event. Every bride-to-be wants to organize a unique wedding, because she wants to be sure that her event will stand out, and people will be pleasant impressed by the choice she makes. This means a lot of work for you, because even if you will hire a wedding planner, you will have to get involved in the planning process, because every one of the decorations and things that will happen during the wedding has to have your touch. If you want to create the best wedding ever, you should take a moment and think what your dream wedding looks like. In this way, you will have a clear idea, on the things you like, and what details are important for you. Because the wedding is all about you and your partner, you should be the ones who decide what parts are important and which are not.

Create a walk down memory lane

This day is all about you and your partner, but if you want to impress your guests, then you should make them feel part of the event. So what better way of doing it, than incorporating photos of them in the d├ęcor of the venue. You can create a gallery of meaningful photos; wedding planners call it memory lane, because here they hang pictures of the groom and bride with their family and friends. In this way, everyone will see them when walking from the ceremony to the reception. Guests will stop for a minute to look at the pictures and they will feel amazing seeing that you took your time to find some photos of them.

Plan a break-the-ice moment

When you enter the reception for the first time you should not just take the conventional husband and wife arm-in-arm stroll, you should think at something more interesting. You can opt for a dance, because in this way everyone will remember how you broke the ice, and made them feel amazing from the first moment of the reception. You should talk with your partner, see what ideas he has, and choose the perfect one for you to make a big impression. In this way, you are the ones who set up a fun vibe for the evening, and you help people get in the mood for party.

Weddings should be entertaining

Wedding guests always want to hear music played by a live band, so you should try to find one for your wedding. There is nothing similar with the energy of a live band. You can make a compromise and hire both a live band and a DJ. The band can play for the first part of the evening, and when people are in the mood for dancing, the DJ can come and play recorded music, because they will already want to dance, and they will not even feel when the change happens. Make sure to ask the DJ choose a playlist that continues the songs played by the band, and keeps the same tone.