Wedding Shoes

We’ve all been invited to a wedding at least once before, and chances are we’ll be invited again. It’s always a problem deciding what you’re going to wear, especially if you are a woman. For men, the usual elegant suit or tuxedo will do in most cases, especially if it’s a traditional wedding, but women have to take several things into consideration. They have to think about whether the wedding will be formal or informal, if it is an outdoor wedding, if the weather will be warm or cool, if there will be dancing or not.

One of the most difficult things when preparing for a wedding is choosing wedding shoes. For lady guests, weddings are an opportunity to dress elegantly, visit beauty salons to do their makeup, nails and hair and to go shopping for new clothes and accessories. Indeed, it’s great to wear a fashionable dress matched with high-heeled shoes, but you have to consider whether you’ll be dancing or not. If you want to dance or you know you’ll be active all night, high heels might not be the best option. You can find elegant shoes that are more comfortable and allow you to feel good the whole day.

You may look spectacular in front of the mirror wearing your sexy dress and high heel shoes, but two or three hours into it when you’ll get tired and start to feel pain with every step it will not only look bad walking, but your entire appearance will be ruined. Wedding shoes have to be both elegant and comfortable, so avoid extremes like high heel shoes or sports shoes; even if the wedding is very informal and you’re a close friend or relative of the happy couple, sports shoes are in very poor taste at a wedding. Slippers and flip-flops should also be avoided at all costs, even if the wedding takes place on the beach.

If you’re not invited to a wedding but are going to be the bride yourself, choosing the perfect wedding shoes is vital. You still have to look beautiful and spectacular, but first and foremost you have to feel comfortable. How can you be radiant and active if your feet hurt all the time and you can’t even mingle with your guests and dance with them? You can still wear heels without having them be too tall and uncomfortable; another option would be to have two pairs of wedding shoes; a taller pair for daytime and the ceremony and a more comfortable pair for the party.