Wedding reception

Wedding is one magic word that defines the celebration of love. Everything related to how to plan a wedding, whom to invite and when to choose the date of it are trivial details, compared to the wedding reception.

After the bride and the broom have said “Yes, I do!” one to another, they continue the ceremony of love of which I have previously told you about with a party. This party is special partly for being the first one held by the newly made couple. It is the perfect occasion for them to act like a family, while receiving their guests and being offered all the beautiful wishes of love, health and wealth. They basically invite their friends and acquaintances to enjoy together their happiness.If you need help planning a wedding, you can always turn to friends and family, that is if you can’t afford a wedding planner.

A wedding reception could be compared with the “entering in the society” of the couple. This step is marked with food and music, drinks and different wedding customs, that differ from one corner of the world to another. For example, in some areas of Europe, the bride is stolen by some guests at a certain moment, when the broom is not attentive and the thieves are asking for a reward in exchange of the bride. It may consist in alcoholic drinks, money or any other crazy idea that comes into the mind of the thieves. The broom has to obey their requirements and thus he has his bride back to him.

The wedding reception also includes a wedding cake. This must be big enough in order to feed all the guests and it basically represents the whole value of the wedding. To sum up, your wedding is more precious as your wedding cake is more original and nicely arranged. Nobody says you have to pay a lot in order to have a valuable wedding cake, but you should not take it for granted!

Make sure the list with the guests is ready, check it for several times in order to make sure you have not forgotten someone special! After having finished the list, start spreading the wedding invitations and pay attention to ask your guests to confirm their participation before the reception! You will not be happy to find out they will not be able to make it right two days before the wedding is programmed!

The wedding ceremony must be treated as the first party held by you and your official half and after all the stress and the interest that you have put into planning it, you definitely deserve having the time of your life!