Wedding planning checklist

As we all know, the wedding is one of the most important events in every human being;s life and it should be offered a relevant importance. By saying this, I mean that before organizing it, you need to work on a wedding planning checklist, which will help you see in every second the level of work you have done so far and how much you have left to do. You have to make a significant decision with your future husband, regarding to the way in which this special event is going to be organized.

You have to start making the wedding planning checklist with at least 6 months before this event is scheduled. You need to start with the date of the wedding and then talk to the Clergyman and see whether he can officiate the marriage. The next step is to decide on the budget you are going to use and make the guest list. Afterwards, you will have to look for the place where the ceremony is going to be held and pay the venue for the reception.

After having done this, you need to ask for a professional photographer to take care of the most memorable moments of your wedding and a videographer would also be requested on your wedding planning checklist. Search for garden decor ideas to have a beautiful decor for wedding photos.

The wedding gown is another point on your checklist and if you manage to talk with someone about the music and the floral services and how much it will cost you, then your checklist is the more valuable! On the other hand, there is a social side of the wedding that you need to seriously take into account. And by saying this, I refer to the brides maids. Talk to them, find out if they can join you in this unique event and think of how many of them would be suitable for your wedding! The next step is to ask them which type of dresses they would prefer and reach an agreement together!

The honeymoon destination is important as well! You probably want to have fun with your partner in an exotic place or in a luxurious one and if you want to save up some money, you could start booking the rooms and plane tickets long before the wedding is done.

After having checked all these tasks on your wedding planning checklist, you need to focus on the last month before the wedding. It is basically the most stressful, but if you are able to manage it, you will be very content of your effort after the wedding!