Wedding guest attire: dress code rules for men

Mastering wedding etiquette can help you avoid making embarrassing mistakes that could ruin the bride and groom’s big day. You surely do not want to be that guest who promises that he will be there but never shows up, gets too drunk and ruins the fun for everyone attending the event, tries to captivate the attention of others by goofing around and attempting strange dance moves, adds another person on the list but does not bring anyone with him, tries to make an unexpected toast and tells a story that the bride or the groom struggled to forget, arrives too late and wears an inappropriate outfit for such a formal occasion. As a man, you probably do not pay close attention to your attire on a daily basis, with a few exceptions, namely job interviews and business meetings, where you probably wear embroidered shirts, but when it comes to attending a wedding, you have to become familiar with the main dress code rules so that you do not stand out as the worst-dressed guest ever.

Honor the occasion by putting together a suitable outfit

You probably know the biggest mistake that a person could make, which refers to wearing a completely white or black array. Even though this is true, it is not enough knowledge for putting together a suitable outfit for a wedding, which probably represents the most formal and elegant event that you will attend in your entire life, as a guest because if you do not have a wife yet you will have to think about your groom attire in the near or distant future. Thus, the main question on every man’s lips is: what type of outfit do I have to wear as a wedding guest? Well, the answer is simpler than you think: it appears on the invitation. Yes, the truth is that most of the times, when you receive an invitation to a wedding, you can find the required dress code somewhere at the bottom and usually, the available options include formal or black tie, semi-formal or cocktail attire, festive attire, beach formal or casual. If you have no idea what all these terms mean, then keep reading to find out.

Dress code rules that you should follow as a wedding guest

Starting with the most elegant outfit that you could ever wear to such an event, you have to think about the type of formal suit that you would wear to a business meeting. The pieces must be as simple as possible, the colors adequate are grey or navy and the tie must have a subtle pattern. When it comes to semi-formal, it practically represents a more liberal alternative to the one described above, which means that you have the freedom to make some changes like opting for sleek loafers and not those fancy lace-ups. In what concerns the next style, namely beach formal, you can go with a more comfortable suit in a lighter shade like fallow or beige. The shirt can have a more daring color and you can remove the tie from the picture. Festive attire and casual attire allows you to have fun and to feel free. However, do not wear jeans because it shows that you do not honor the occasion.