Wedding flowers – make sure you do not skip them for your checklist

If you plan a wedding, then you know that flower arrangements are an important part of the event, and you will have to talk with a professional to provide you everything you need. The majority of brides collaborate with a florist, but there are cases when the bride has no idea what she needs, and this makes the process of deciding upon the arrangement more difficult. Therefore, if you want to save time and money, you should make sure that you have an idea on the flower arrangements you need for this special day. You will have to make sure that you stay within your budget, and that the florist understands your preferences. With careful planning, you will pick the right flowers for your wedding. In case you do not want to spend a lot of money on flower arrangements, you have the possibility to use everyday ribbons, to create fabric flowers, and to decorate the wedding reception with ribbon arrangements.

The bridal bouquets is the most important arrangement

This is the only flower arrangement you will not forget about because you might probably have a model in your mind for many years. So, you should only talk with the florist and inform them on the flowers you want your bouquet to feature, because some of them might need to be imported, in case they are seasonal. If you want to have a long lasting bouquet, you should consider the option of crafting one from a fabric as ribbon, because it will maintain its form and features for many years. If, not, you can use ribbon to wrap the stems of the flowers, for being more comfortable to carry it. If you want to have a bohemian wedding, then you can tie from the stems of the flowers stripes of ribbon, for achieving a flowing effect.

Bridesmaids flowers

You will have to decide if you want your bridesmaids to wear bouquets or flower crowns, because the price of the arrangements will differ. In case you want to wear a crown, then you can choose for your bridesmaids the same accessory, but in a smaller size. You can replace the natural flowers, which can be quite expensive, with ones made from ribbon, because they are colourful and they will be lighter than the natural ones.

Flowers for the groom

You should not skip from view to choose the flowers for your groom, because it is important to maintain the same theme for unity. So you will have to choose the flower you want your groom to wear on his boutonniere. In addition, you should choose the flowers for the groomsmen boutonnieres, because you may want every one of them to wear something else, to match the flower arrangements for the bridesmaids, and in this case, you will have to order them before.

Alongside with these important flower arrangements, you should also choose some flowers for your parents, and for decorating the ceremony and reception venue. Make sure that you keep the same theme and colour scheme.