Vintage Wedding Theme

The great thing about weddings is that you no longer have to go for a traditional party; you can create one with your own favorite theme. You can have an autumn-themed wedding, a Halloween wedding, a Scottish-inspired wedding or a vintage wedding theme. Luckily, now you can hire wedding planners to help you organize a truly beautiful party that follows your chosen theme to the smallest details. It would actually be recommended to have a wedding planner for themed parties because they are professionals and are aware of all the things you can do to improve your party, from decorations to music, food, venues and even the bride and groom’s outfits.

One of the more popular themes recently has been the vintage wedding theme; with all the modern themes people go for usually, it is a welcomed change to see a wedding inspired from the olden times. For example, lace and pearls really say vintage, so you can commission a wedding cake decorated with pastry toppers that imitate them. The bride can also go for the same look with her wedding dress. A silk dress in warmer tones of white or caramel with lace motifs and pearl jewelry will look amazing and definitely vintage. A pinned-up hairstyle reminiscent of Greta Garbo or Rita Hayworth and a bouquet of wild flowers will complete that look. You can even add a headband in the 1920s style, or create some for the bridesmaids.

The way you make your invitations can also help with the whole vintage wedding theme. Choose paper that imitates old parchment or is in sepia colors and write your message in cursive, completing it with decorative details like lace or ribbons. Designers say that bird cages really bring that vintage feel to your party, so you can purchase some and use them in combination with flower arrangements or as card holders. For the flower arrangements to have an even more vintage look, opt for unusual combinations of color and shapes to give them a home-made feel.

Old keys, clocks, ornate objects and patinated wood and metal could also be great motifs and decorations for a vintage wedding theme. Instead of an arch, create a row of panels with vintage or oriental decorations and you’ll not only save money, but you’ll add to the theme as well. Use small decorated frames to indicate the table numbers or where the guests have been seated. The venue is also important, so rent an old castle or pick an outdoor site for the ceremony.