Tips to plan a fairy tale wedding

Every woman just wants a fairy-tale wedding. You want to feel like a princess, and you have dreamt this day since you were a child. So, you have spent the last months in trying to find the perfect dress, an amazing venue and to rent a vintage car, to look more alike with the fairy tale carriage. Buy, you might have skipped from view some little details that make the difference. For example, you might have not purchased decorative ribbon, because you thought that the wedding planner would take care of all the wedding arrangements. Well, you should know that if you want to have a fairy tale wedding, then you should think of involving yourself in the planning of the wedding, because in this way you can make your own choices. Check some of the following tips.

Use ribbons to decorate the wedding venue

You might have no idea how to use the ribbons to decorate the wedding venue. Well, you can start by using them to give personality to your chairs. You can purchase ribbons in large widths to make bows for the back of the chairs. Depending on the colour scheme of the wedding, you can choose the ribbons in a single colour, as a nude tone, or you can mix them. Also, you can use ribbons in different colours to hang them from the ceiling of the venue. They will float above the head, and if you install dime lights, you will obtain a magical effect.

Accessorise the flower arrangements

What is a wedding without flower arrangements? If you want a fairy tale inspired wedding, then you should make sure flowers take over your wedding. You should make yourself an enormous flower bouquet, and to tie on the flowers’ stems a large bow. Also, you can make a wedding bouquet entire from ribbons, because they look simple and elegant, and you can keep it many years. In case you are looking for an affordable way to decorate the venue, you can choose wild flowers, and arrange them in centrepieces mixed with large ribbon bows.

Change the look of your clothes

You might not have a large budget to buy a princess gown for your wedding, but this does not mean that you cannot upgrade it by yourself. All you need are some accessories you have to add on it. You can opt for a large bow on the back of the dress, which will make you look like a doll, or you can tie little bows on the skirt.