The Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the most important details in the organization and development of a wedding is the wedding cake. Traditionally, the wedding cake was baked to bring good luck to the newlyweds and their guests, but nowadays it’s more of an attraction at the wedding and sometimes it is not even served to the guests. Wedding cakes have gained major popularity in the last few decades, and now every bride and groom strives to have an original and personal wedding cake of their own.

There are pastry shops that specialize in creating the best wedding cakes, and they can basically tend to every whim and desire. Want a lobster boiling in a pot wedding cake, or a character from your favorite animated series? They can definitely make it for you, and you’ll be impressed of how well they are manufactured. These are the modern pastry chefs and cake designers, and they love to come up with new ways of creating a wedding cake.

Many couples actually choose to have a cake that represents them, their personalities and preferences. If, for example, the couples are Star Trek fans, they can have a wedding cake shaped like the Enterprise, and if they love video games, they can have a cake shaped like a joystick and so on. Like we mentioned, this is a rather recent trend which started in the United States, but now you can get a personalized wedding cake almost anywhere in the world.

The basic ingredients that pastry chefs use to create such wonderful cakes are marzipan, gum paste, fondant, chocolate and butter cream. They also use food coloring to create realistic copies of your favorite character, object or place. Most wedding cakes are big and layered, especially when the bride and groom plan to serve it to their guests, and a traditional wedding cake is white and layered, with small models of bride and groom on top.

There are also frosted cakes or cupcakes, which can be arranged in the shape of a normal wedding cake and then served individually to each guest. A wedding cake can be pretty expensive, but it is an essential part of the wedding, so consider it an investment. Anyone should have their desired wedding cake, and this is possible now with all the advancements that have been made in the pastry business. Even if you don’t want to serve cake to your guests, you can make a smaller one, which will be cheaper, so you can afford to opt for a personalized design.