Self-conscious women before marriage – occurring body problems

If you are feeling like nothing is enough when it comes to your aspect, you might be too self-conscious about your body. Women often tend to underestimate themselves regarding their bodies, this matter eventually leading to relationship problems or breakups. This aspect will become even more important the moment when a woman decided it is the right time to marry and the person who she is dating accepted everything about her. Before a marriage, negative thoughts are the ones that will take over your mind and it will require a lot of resistance from you in order to get back on the right path. Now, what a woman can do about body problems that make her self-conscious in the first place? Centre For Surgery is one of the places that offer various aesthetical and medical interventions so you can fix whatever may trouble you since day one. Here is a list with procedures most women consider before a marriage:


Breast interventions

  • Implants

When referring to breast augmentation, many women opt out for smaller breast implants rather than huge ones, considering the safety reasons involved. Every woman knows that when you are getting breast implants there is a chance of experiencing a sagginess effect once time passes. With a smaller sized implant, this risk is visibly reduced. Wound healing will be much more bearable, keeping in mind that the scar will be smaller and the affected area will heal faster – the more volume of the implant, the more pressure on the wound closure. In addition, the final results will be closer to reality that huge implants. Women tend to seek the natural effect, even they want surgeries performed, so it would be quite convenient both by price and physical effects to choose smaller implants.

One of the most embarrassing problems that women think they have regarding their breasts is the areola size. Even though this factor is not so important, it can cause self-consciousness issues that will eventually lead to psychical complications. This is why it is way easier to solve this problem quickly, with the help of an areola reduction surgery. Common patients describe their imperfect areola as enlarged/raised/non-circular. Any of these imperfections can be easily corrected with a small medical intervention: the skin surrounding the areola will be used in order to obtain the best possible results. The patient will be given virtual before and after photos to know what to expect.

Face interventions

  • Rhinoplasty

When talking about face interventions, one of the most occurring changes is related to the nose shape. If a woman is not pleased with the way her nose looks, she can gather information about what changes she can make. Usually, these kinds of interventions do not have a huge recovery time, so they can be programmed before a wedding. Although, you should think thoroughly before deciding to have such surgery performed, given the fact that many patients preferred their noses before the surgery rather than after. Think about if you really need an intervention and do not rush your decision at all costs.