Planning A Wedding on A Budget – Short “How To” Guide

The marriage is more important than the wedding. The wedding will only last for one day, while the marriage should last for a lifetime. It is not wise to spend so much money on a wedding and live in debt afterward.

Instead of spending all your savings on a wedding because you want to please everyone, why not keep it simple so that you can have some money left after the wedding to invest in the future of your new family? If you are living on a budget and cannot afford an expensive wedding, you will find the information below very helpful on how to plan a wedding on a budget.

Trim the guest list

You do not have to invite too many guests to your wedding; you will have to spend a lot of money to feed them. Every extra name on that list equals an additional cost. Furthermore, too many guests at your wedding can make the celebration less intimate for you and your bride.

Do not invite people just because you feel obligated. Only invite very close people that should be present at your wedding.  Why not reduce the list by 40%? It will increase the intimacy at the wedding and also cut cost.

 The guests can reduce the cost

If you have a close friend that can sing well, that friend can provide entertainment at your wedding and save you the cost of hiring a musical band.  Do you have a friend that is an excellent photographer? That friend can also take up the photography needs at your wedding. Consequently, you can save the money you would have spent on hiring a photographer.  Do not ask them for gifts, ask them to provide services at your wedding instead of a wedding gift.  You will save a lot of money for the wedding reception.   

Keep the decoration simple

A simple decoration will cost you little or nothing, but it can still add a lot of beauty to the wedding. Ribbon hanging decorations will cost very little and does not require any special expertise to complete.

Despite its simplicity, it can make your wedding day colorful. Aside from decorating the reception area with ribbon hanging, the ribbons can also be pinned to the wedding dress.  However, you can add more beauty to things by choosing a ribbon color that complements the theme of your wedding.

 A home reception will do just fine

Renting a hall for the reception can cost you. Why not just host the party outdoor or at home? Home of your parents will also serve as the perfect place for a wedding ceremony and reception.  A public park with a beautiful view can also do just fine. You can add ribbon hanging decorations to the preferred location also.

Having the reception outdoor will create a picturesque memory that you and your wife can adore for a lifetime.  However, severe weather can jeopardize your outdoor ceremony plan. You can guard against this by renting a sturdy tent to prevent your guests from getting soaked in the rain. 

The guide provided above can reduce how much you end up spending on your wedding ceremony. By the time you have deducted the money for renting a hall, photography, expensive decoration or musical band, you might successfully reduce the cost by up to 40% or more.