Maid of honor speeches

Are you looking for filling your made of honor duties and add something interesting yet appealing to your best friend’s, sister or cousin’s wedding? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the requirements you need to fulfill and do not feel inspired to give the best speech? Well, let us tell you that this is not a reason for feeling insecure – the only thing you need to do is to keep an eye on the maid of honor speeches tips listed below and stick with us to get the full picture of what a success speech you will be able to give when the moment comes:


The first and most important thing you are ought to take into account after deciding to note down or compose first paper of your maid of honor speeches would be thinking to the person you are going to give the speech to – it is either your best friend or sister/cousin. In this case, be sure the speech is appropriate, and not too available to others; here, what we mean is do not show off too much of her intimate moments, like ‘and here comes the night when she fell off the road and told me – oh my, those shots were too much for me’. The maid of honor speeches need to be neither formal, but not too common.

The next thing is to add something funny to it, so that all the eyes will be on you and the ears on what you will be telling. No one wants to hear someone talking to walls, but someone happy enough for the events someone she loves is attending, so make sure you speak to both of them, not only to the bride – by this way, you will attract more ears, since there are surely both friends of the bride as well as of the groom.

Another tip we got for you consists in ending with a sincere wish – in such moments, all that everyone needs to hear is honestly and beautiful words that will make them more optimistic about the future. A marriage is an important step, so be sure you transfer to them your positive thoughts – they will surely worth it, more than a thousand bucks!

So, these being said, the maid of honor speeches are not as scary as they may seem. All you need is a bit of practice and a speech of about 2-3 minutes that should make it to their hearts!