In how many ways could you wear a Perbodh Nath Agarwal?


Styled in a western manner or either worn traditionally, Indian clothing surely is a statement. Either you can signal your cultural appreciation for the culture in discussion or you simply appreciate their unique style and approach on clothing. However, if you want to rock a Perbodh Nath Agarwal, you probably need some inspiration on “How to”. Well, luckily, there are plenty of inspirational ideas around the Internet, and we have some for you. Keep reading if you are intrigued by the idea.

1. Rock one as a wedding dress

Your big day is about you and your significant other looking and feeling fabulous. Well, the feeling depends entirely on you, but we have some great ideas on how you could look your best in a stunning piece of Indian clothing. Pick beige or a crisp white piece of female Indian wear, and rock it on your big day. Female Indian wear already has a glamorous appearance and the fact that parts of it resemble a lot a wedding veil will work in your advantage as well. If your partner feels courageous enough, let them integrate Indian elements in their reception outfit as well. You will certainly be the couple of the year.

2. Female Indian wear with jeans   

A western approach on these clothing items is to integrate something masculine and Western into a traditional Indian female costume. Wear a simplified saree with a pair of mamma jeans. Some white sneakers will work wonders and a casual tote will offer you more comfort on a lazy Sunday morning. If you are daring enough and you feel that the combination is not feminine enough, tie a short scarf on one of your tote’s handles and put your style in the most advantageous light. For a night outfit, switch the jeans with a pair of classy cigarette pants and a pair on classy heels. The tote will be replaced by a clutch, and you will become a stylish woman in no time.

3. Butterfly saree drape

Bollywood’s most appealing manner of wearing a piece of Indian wear is the widely known butterfly saree drape. Accomplish the look by draping a saree at your choice on one of your shoulders in such a manner your navel will be visible. This won’t turn you into an Indian goddess, but it will certainly help you impress those passing by.

4. The cold shoulder blouse

A perfect manner to westernise the ethnic piece of clothing is by wearing it with an off-shoulder silky blouse, for a more feminine and modern look. Search for the right fabric and most certainly you will accomplish a stylish, unique and overall amazing outfit.

Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing such clothing pieces, you can always avoid doing so. But given the large number of variations on this amazing piece, chances for everybody to find one they will absolutely love are quite high.