Great alternatives to high heels on your wedding day


Many brides are not decided upon the dress they want to wear on their wedding day until they try it with a pair of shoes and a veil. It is stated that the shoes have the power to complete the wedding look. The majority of brides opt for high heels, because they want to look like elegant princesses on their wedding day. But, if you want to be a nonconformist bride, then you have the possibility to rock sneakers, flats and even cowboy boots. You should check online for examples, because there are brides who pulled off amazing outfits and they did not wear high heels. You also have to consider the theme of your wedding, and your wedding dress, because you have to opt for an alternative that suits them. Below are some examples of shoes you can wear if you want to feel comfortable and unique on your wedding day.

What do you think of sneakers and converse?

You wear sneakers on a daily basis, because they are comfortable, and you can pair them with whatever outfit you have in mind. Nowadays people wear sneakers even when they are at the office, because they look great if you pair them with a smart-casual outfit. So you should consider the option of wearing converse or sneakers with your wedding dress, if you want to look unique on your wedding day. For example you can buy convers shoes on because they list a collection of beautiful models that would work with any type of dress. Choose a model that features some sequins, ivory lace or pink stripes.

Choose flats if you want to feel comfortable

Flats are a great option for the brides who do not want to suffer from leg pains on their wedding day. If you do not wear high heels on a daily basis, then you should check some models of flats, because many designers have created shoes that can be worn with this occasion. You will not have to sacrifice your look because you want to feel comfortable and you want to spare your ankles. You can wear a pair of sweet and delicate flats. For a pop of style choose a model with lacy straps because they are the example of luxury and sophistication.

Block heels for the brides who want to dance

You do not have to ruin your feet and ankles just because it is your wedding day. You want to enjoy it, and if you wear high heels you might not be able to dance all night, because let’s face it they are quite uncomfortable. But if you still want to wear elegant shoes you should check for shoes that feature a blockier heel, because they will make everything easier. From your way down to the aisle, to dancing all night with a glass of champagne on your hand, block heels will be your best friends. If you want to add some style to your outfit you can opt for a pastel shade, because you know the saying, you should wear something old, something new something white and something blue.