Four things grooms should know about their wedding day outfit



Wedding day is a unique event in people’s life. But even if almost everybody believes that the bride is the one who has the right to feel anxious and nervous, studies have shown that grooms can also be overwhelmed by their emotions. According to specialists, this happens because there are many things that people should take into consideration when it comes to planning such an important event such as the outfit. However, our duty as to help you in this case, by making a list with the most important aspects that a groom has to take into consideration before his wedding day. You can find this list below.

#1. Wedding suit – one of the most important aspects

Even if all the eyes will be on the bride’s impressive wedding dress, the groom’s suit is also important. But due to the fact that usually this suit can cost a fortune, our best recommendation is to hire it. In fact, you have nothing to feel ashamed of because hiring wedding suits is a common practice for a lot of men, not only in the UK, but also worldwide.

#2. The perfect shoes – for the perfect groom

In case you do not want to become a Cinderella male version, try to find a comfortable pair of shoes and match them with your hired suit. Moreover, fashion designers recommend you to think outside the box and try to go for some outstanding colours such as blue or green. Therefore, in case you choose to hire a black wedding suit, do not match it with a pair of black shoes because it will be a dull combination of items.

#3. Shave your beard or…NOT!

There are many grooms who think that it is not auspicious to show up wearing beard at your wedding ceremony. But there is not rule that indicates that you should shave it before the great event. Therefore, it is just a matter of choice. We highly recommend being yourself and choosing which suits you best.

#4. Wearing a tie or a bow tie? Which is the best option?

Well, this choice can be somehow difficult, but let’s take it step by step. Bow ties are an elegant option, but can they be matched with any type of suit? Yes, fashion designers say that they are a good idea for those who want to hire a tuxedo, but also for those who decide to wear a jacket. But you cannot combine a tie with a tuxedo because this decision will be “too much”. Anyway, in case you cannot decide, our recommendation is to try many types of accessories and decide which the best for your outfit is.