Choose your accessories according to your dress type

Undoubtedly, brides are the stars of every wedding, and for this reason they must pay a lot of attention to the choices they make for the big day. They will catch the eye of all the guests, not to mention that afterwards, the bride must have nice photos to show to everyone so she must look amazing during the whole event. Finding the perfect dress it a real struggle for all the brides and the process may take weeks or even months, but after the dress is bought, accessorizing it is also a very difficult task. All these should match the theme of the wedding (if there is one), represent the personality of the one who is wearing them, while also being glamorous yet delicate and elegant. Choosing a hairstyle and appropriate bridal jewelry is tricky, because all the elements must match as far as texture, style and colours are concerned, and look good as a whole. There are a lot of specialized magazines, websites and stores to offer you everything you want, from products to specialized advice, so you can make an informed decision and choose carefully all the items you need for an amazing look.

Regardless your style and the dress you choose accessories and hairstyle are extremely important, which is why you must make wise decisions. Remember than less is more, and as much as you want to shine at the big event, you should avoid adding all sorts of blings and sparkles on you dress, because you may end up looking kitschy. Details are vital, but the first thing you must keep in mind is matching them with your dress. Its fabric, shade and shape are the main criteria that influence the rest of your attire’s outfit. Many brides choose a princess dress, with a heart shape neckline and strapless, and this is very permissive as far as hairstyle and accessories are concerned. These dresses look very good not only with statement necklaces, but also with chandelier earrings, if, of course, you are not planning to wear both of them at the same time. The hair can be styles almost in any way, from relaxed waves, to updos and half up half down, and a pony tail will also look amazing if you opt for a necklace to compensate the bare shoulders. Some women choose the high neckline, a rare yet extremely elegant option, which goes perfectly with buns, updos or romantic braids. In terms of jewelry, if you wear this type of dress, the best thing to do is to focus on bracelets, so that the upper part of your outfit does not look too cluttered. Most of the brides opt for the V-shape neckline, because it is comfortable and gives them the freedom to choose almost any hairstyle and accessories they want, as long as they match the design and colour palette of the dress.

However, remember that whatever you pick, besides matching the dress, hairstyle and accessories, you should firstly match the outfit to your personality and style. If you are not into luxurious and opulent things, choose something simple – you will shine and be the in the spotlight no matter what you wear.