Beautiful ways to use wedding ribbon

So you want to use ribbon at your wedding. There’s nothing wrong with that. Ribbon wedding decoration is beautiful, not to mention very affordable. You can use the narrow strips of material to decorate the altar and embellish the guest’s chairs. There is nothing you can’t do with ribbon. If you’re not into crafts and, therefore, don’t have decorative material at hand, then go online and start looking for wedding ribbon for sale. There are many eye-catching ways of incorporating streamers and bows into your wedding décor. If you love ribbons, you will certainly love these ideas.

Fabulous ribbon wedding invitations

Embellishing wedding invitations with bandeau is an idea worth trying. For your wedding invitation, you can use decorative materials like satin and chiffon. There are no limits when it comes to the colours. You can choose any shade you fancy, as long as it matches the wedding theme. The stationaries don’t have to be plain. You can make bows, butterflies and buckles. What is certain is that tying ribbon around your invitations is the easiest and most inexpensive way to impress your guests.

Streamer ceremony backdrop

Having a backdrop for your wedding ceremony is like putting a frame around a picture. If you are in the process of planning an outdoor ceremony, you may want to purchase rolls of streamers. Making a ribbon wedding backdrop is at the same time fun and simple. All you have to do is cut the decorative material into 4 strips and secure it with a tie. Make sure the tie is as flat as possible. For an even greater effect, consider using paper lanterns.

Strap ribbon onto your wedding bouquet

Do you want to have a special wedding bouquet? Of course you do. For a wedding bouquet that stands out, use narrow strips of material. Silk ribbon is the best choice. Pick up the bouquet from the florist one day before the ceremony and cut the bottom of the stems. Next, wrap the stems in plastic, secure the bandeau to the stem, and begin wrapping. You will see that the sash ties the look of the flowers together. It’s needless to say that everyone will envy you once they see your fabulous wedding bouquet.

Unquestionably, there are many more ways you can incorporate ribbon into your wedding décor. In this article, we only have mentioned a few. Try these ideas and if you like the result, search online for more inspiration.